UFC flyweight to spar trolling fan who claims “women’s MMA is low level”

UFC women’s flyweight contender Casey O’Neill had an online altercation with a fan who underestimated women’s MMA. O’Neill challenged that fan to an MMA match and even sent a date and time.

Women’s mixed martial arts received harsh criticism on social media recently. An unknown MMA fan was trash talking on Twitter and said that women’s MMA is inferior.

That MMA fan is named ‘Cal Davies’ on Twitter and has harsh takes on MMA. The pair got into a bit of trash talk but that Twitter account started to slam women’s MMA in general.

He said women MMA is weak that an average man with no combat background could take any female athlete. The guy suggested that him being a non-combat sports athlete could take on O’Neill.

“[Casey O’Neill] is genuinely such a low level of fighter. Women’s mma in general is low level but Casey is something else. I have no fighting experience at all but could still fight better than she does.”

Casey O’Neill went straight to the point and challenged the troll account to a sparring session. The Scottish-born Australian athlete dared the guy to come to Xtreme Couture gym and even gave him the date and time.

“[Xtreme Couture] in Las Vegas. Tuesday/Thursday is sparring day. 3:30pm, Come spar me, that would be fun!” O’Neill wrote.

Their altercation is now deleted. However, that troll account showed up again saying that he is going to step into the gym to face O’Neill.

“You’re all acting as if [Casey O’Neill is the best mma fighter of all time I’ll turn up, spar and prove my point. An average male that doesn’t train could win against a low level women’s mma fighter like Casey.”

Casey O’Neill is fairly new to mixed martial arts and is still undefeated with a total of 9 matches. The 24-year-old started her professional career in 2019 and joined the UFC in February last year. She has competed 4 times under the UFC banner.