UFC flyweight fires back at MMA guru: You can’t even get on a healthy diet

Rising UFC flyweight contender Muhammad Mokaev has become embroiled in a social media feud with controversial YouTuber “MMA Guru.” The undefeated Mokaevjust defeated Alex Perez in a relatively lukewarm performance he blamed on his intestines.

Mokaev recently addressed his back-and-forth with the outspoken online personality in na interview with Homeoffight.

Their dispute began when MMA Guru responded to one of Mokaev’s posts on X (formerly Twitter) with a photoshopped image appearing to show the British star being knocked down by fellow flyweight Manel Kape.

Mokaev fired back, mocking MMA Guru for “bringing another man” into their feud.

Things have since escalated with Guru roasting Mokaev’s excuse for boring performance.

In a video interview, Mokaev brushed off MMA Guru’s trolling comments, stating: “These guys like trying to get in this limelight, you know, really. Like, they don’t really piss me off. You know why? Because they have no clue about martial arts. They never trained themselves and stuff, like never did any actual physical activity.”

The 22-year-old Mokaev, who remains unbeaten at 12-0 in his professional MMA career, took particular exception to MMA Guru’s physique. “You can’t even get on his healthy diet, you know? And these guys are like the fat guy,” he said dismissively.

While many stars choose to ignore internet insults and criticism, Mokaev appears to relish engaging with detractors like MMA Guru on social media, though he insists their barbs don’t truly bother him. “I’d just like to bulls**t about it,” he stated.

As his high-stakes bout with Perez approaches, it remains to be seen if Mokaev will continue trading online jabs with MMA Guru and other social media pundits. But based on his latest comments, it seems the confident British prospect is unphased by the YouTuber’s attempts to get under his skin.