UFC flyweight blasts Cormier over biased commentary favoring opponent

In a recent turn of events at UFC FN 235, flyweight contender Charles Johnson expressed dissatisfaction with commentator Daniel Cormier’s biased remarks. Johnson, known for his resilience in the octagon, addressed Cormier’s commentary, adding a layer of controversy to his recent victory.

Daniel Cormier transitioned to the UFC’s commentary booth post-retirement. Despite his profound knowledge of the sport, criticisms of Cormier’s biased commentary have been echoed by fans and fellow athletes, such as Justin Gaethje, Dominick Cruz, and Cody Stamann.

During Johnson’s appearance at UFC FN 235, where he triumphed over Azat Maksum, Cormier’s biased remarks struck a nerve with the flyweight contender. Johnson, exhibiting his superior striking skills, secured a unanimous decision victory, marking a triumphant return after three consecutive losses.

However, Johnson’s elation was short-lived as he discovered Cormier’s critique of his defensive abilities during the replay. Unhappy with the commentary, Johnson took to social media to express his discontent. He defended his escape strategy, attributing it to his athletic background. Additionally, he praised commentator Laura Sanko for her insightful commentary, subtly suggesting her superiority in the commentator’s role.

“Reviewing my fight, I noticed DC heavily favoring my opponent in his commentary. He claimed I rely on athleticism, not skill, for defense. Does he truly understand my fights? Big shoutout to [Laura Sanko] for consistently providing genuine insights,” Johnson articulated.

In scrutinizing Cormier’s biased commentary, Charles Johnson adds a new layer of intrigue to the aftermath of UFC FN 235, shedding light on the complexities of athletes grappling with both in-cage battles and post-fight analysis.