UFC Flyweight adamantly defending MMA pros training wit Ali Kadyrov

UFC flyweight Muhammad Mokaev wasn’t pleased about the criticism he was getting for training with Ramzan Kadyrov’s son.

Kadyrov has long maintained a presence in mixed martial arts despite being accused of human rights crimes and getting sanctioned by the US from 2017 onwards.

His own promotion, Absolute Championship Akhmat has helped him develop connections with some of the biggest figures in the sport. Kadyrov is now often seen with UFC welterweight contender Khamzat Chimaev.

Chimaev’s bond with Ali Kadyrov has gained additional attention recently. Chimaev has been training with the teenager in Thailand. He also went to the October 2022 UFC pay-per-view with Ali in Abu Dhabi. The twosome even took selfies with Dana White and Daniel Cormier.

Due to Ali Kadyrov’s entry at famous Phuket-based gym Tiger Muay Thai, a number of other UFC pros have now been included as well.

Journalist Karim Zidan of Bloody Elbow recently wrote on the subject. He revealed that the dictator’s son is now living in Thailand, sharing a mat with people like Petr Yan and Darren Till.

Mokaev is the current #12 rated UFC flyweight. He questioned what Kadyrov’s son had done to draw criticism.

Mokaev wrote: “You like to (stir) sh*t up! What has this kid done to you? Or anyone? Kid is 17 years old, I have sparred with him and went same (pace) as I would with others. He isn’t (a) politician.”

In a subsequent tweet, Mokaev asked Zidan to “shut his dirty mouth.”

Zidan responded by pointing out that contrary to what Mokaev indicated, Kadyrov’s son hasn’t been entirely separate from his father’s political rule.

Only a few days before to his alleged VIP treatment at UFC 280, Ali was filmed as a part of pro war video in which he’s escorting prisoners of war to Grozny.

Mokaev then emphasized that he is always prepared to assist kids who want to study the sport. This is regardless of their family connections.

Mokaev replied by saying, “If kid age of 17 comes to me and asks me for sparring or wants to learn something, I don’t care who his dad is! I won’t reject.. I don’t support this war either btw, so stop (stirring) sh*t Karim.”