UFC featherweight: ‘We don’t want “soy boy” Jake Paul to help us with better pay’

Jake Paul just joined the PFL and with the intent of being a share holder and taking on MMA in the SuperFight division of the thriving MMA company. Paul and every other competitor in the new class are entitled to 50% revenue of the pay-per-view card’s proceeds.

However, not all mixed martial artists have embraced Paul’s efforts to help MMA athletes’ financial circumstances. UFC featherweight Charles Jourdain recently expressed his thoughts on Paul’s agreement with the PFL after FaZe Temperrr said that Paul may help MMA.

Jourdain posted the following on Twitter:

“Keep sitting behind a computer and talk, martial arts are a way of life that soy boy can’t understand. We don’t want you clowns to ‘help’ us. You guys are fake and make money of being fake. Can’t fake being a real UFC fighter.”

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping also criticized Jake Paul’s agreement with the PFL. He called out Paul’s efforts to form an MMA fighters’ union with the aid of MMA icon Anderson Silva.

He said,

“Remeber when Jake Paul was talking about fighters unions and wanting Dana [White] to give more money to fighters? That was never his mission, that was just bulls**t. Now he’s signed with the PFL in a ‘super league’ where the revenue’s gonna get split 50/50. But not for the average guys in the PFL… So once again, you’re just full of s**t bro.”


UFC vet also fired off a message at Paul about how he’s addressing UFC pay model unfairness.

While Paul is undoubtedly also angling for himself with all of his business dealing he’s helped shed light on what’s painfully unfair about the sport – the athletes are disposable and the UFC treats them as such.

Youtuber Faze Temper recently stepped in for Dillon Danis and will be facing youtuber KSI in a boxing match up.

Faze shared his thoughts on UFC’s horrible model:

“I hope the MMA world grows financially because these fighters, especially UFC fighters, they deserve more, brother. They’re getting robbed,” FaZe Temperrr said.

“What Jake Paul is doing right now, joining PFL and helping these fighters financially, I have huge respect for him because these fighters deserve more. They’re getting robbed. I hope this world gets bigger and fighters start to get paid what they deserve.”