UFC fans underwhelmed with heavyweight Jon Jones, label him “out-of-shape”

UFC fans have been buzzing about Jon Jones’ highly-anticipated heavyweight debut against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 on Saturday.

However, Jones’ new heavyweight physique has received some criticism from fans, with many taking to social media to mock the former light-heavyweight champion’s appearance.

Jones, who hasn’t competed since February 2020, has spent the last three years bulking up in size to prepare for his heavyweight debut. He trained with former bodybuilders and NFL strength and conditioning coaches to achieve his new physique, which includes a weight gain of over 20 pounds.

Fans have labeled Jones as “out of shape” and “slow and old,” but despite the criticism, the UFC legend insists that he is in the best shape of his life.

Training for his heavyweight debut, Jones ate a diet of 4500 calories a day, consisting of several protein shakes and rice and eggs for breakfast. He focused heavily on weightlifting during his training camp, with his bench press flying up to 520lb and deadlift increasing to 600lb.

Jones’ physical fitness right now is better than ever, and he attributes his success to his training regimen. He says that he wasn’t lifting for big numbers towards the end of his training camp, but instead focused on explosiveness and muscular endurance.

Despite the criticism, Jones is confident in his abilities and is excited to show fans what he can do in the heavyweight division.

One fan compared it to bad Ronda Rousey photoshoot.

Some even made the Nick Diaz comparison:

Jones is currently a slight favorite to edge out a victory.

Jones and Gane are competing for the vacant UFC heavyweight title. This will mark the first time in MMA history that a heavyweight championship line of succession is broken. This happened as a result of UFC’s fail to resign Francis Ngannou whom they subsequently tried to erase from the promotional materials.

Whoever wins at UFC 285, Jon Jones or Cyril Gane, this victory will mark the pivotal moment in the UFC’s actual claim to the ‘undisputed’ verbiage.