UFC fans scoff as Brian Ortega tries to re imagine himself as an Eagle with some hilarious misinformation

In a recent speech during a press conference, UFC featherweight Brian Ortega attempted to draw comparisons between himself and an eagle going through a “rebirth” process. However, his analogies fell short and demonstrated a lack of understanding of the biology and behavior of eagle.

Ortega stated: “And for those who don’t know that what the eagle does is that the eagle lives for 70 years. At the 40-year mark, the eagle loses the sharpness of its beak. The feathers aren’t as good and his talons are weak.”

While eagles can live up to 50 years in captivity, their average lifespan in the wild is 15-30 years. Ortega exaggerates their lifespan to try to make his comparison work.

He goes on: “So it has a choice. The choice is to die. Keep doing what you’re doing, living the way you are, or isolate yourself way up in the mountains. Smash your beak against a rock till it breaks. Wait till it grows back. Then pluck your talons out, and then pluck your feathers out, and then stay in isolation till everything grows back.”

Eagles do not intentionally isolate themselves to renew their physical features. Ortega imagines this behavior to liken it to a combatant taking time off for recovery.

Finally, Ortega states: “Then when that process is done, then the eagle can live for the next 30 years of its life. And that process in nature is called the rebirth for the eagle.”

There is no evidence that eagles purposefully break their beaks or pluck out their own talons and feathers. Ortega conjures up a fictional version of eagles to serve as a dramatic metaphor.

Fans on social media made fun of Ortega for his metaphor. Some of the comments were as follows:

“All that yapping just to lose again”

“When you start getting philosophical the end is near.”

“It’s a story used widely by most recovery houses and rehabs to show that even after a lifetime of drug abuse u can still turn ur life around. It’ll hurt and you’ll be alone but it’s a process u gotta do it for urself if u wanna keep living.”

Ortega is currently scheduled to face Yair Rodriguez on February 25th at UFC Mexico.

This is not the first time that MMA competitors have conjured up weird metaphors about animals. During a press conference of Bellator 170, former UFC competitor Tito Ortiz narrated a story about a lion and a hyena.

Tito said: “I was listening to Christopher Walken, a little skit he did, and he talked about this lion, the king of the jungle, with this big giant mane, and this hot, smothering weather in Africa. And the small lions come up and poke at him, bite on his ear, bite on his neck, and the lioness comes over and bugs him. Then you’ve got the jackals and the rest of the wilderness looking and seeing these lions on the mountaintop. They come over and bother him. They eat all his food.”

Making fun of the story, his opponent Chael Sonnen began snoring into his microphone. Not too happy with his behavior, Tito threatened Sonnen.

He said: “This little hyena, I’m going to eat right through him, and we’ll see on Saturday nigh. It’s good because it’s fueled me. Because you hear that snoring nose? That’s the snoring nose you’re going to hear in the second round of the fight”