UFC fans rally once Extremists on X learn about Michael Chandler’s adopted kids

Michael Chandler’s journey into fatherhood has been a testament to compassion and inclusivity. Alongside his wife Brie Willet he embraced parenthood in 2018. The couple adopted a son, whom they named Hap Whitaker.

Their decision to expand their family faced scrutiny from some in the combat sports community when they shared the joy of adopting a second child in 2022. But the narrative surrounding this choice has evolved, reflecting more progressive perspectives.

Recently, a fan account on X named @wayotworld ignited controversy by discouraging white individuals from adopting black children. The tweet shaded Chandler and compared it to a ‘power move’ for ‘White folks,’ drawing parallels to adopting a rescue dog. Public responses varied, with some challenging the racial connotation and expressing support for adoption.

The tweet sparked a range of reactions, with one defending adoption by stating: “Why? Adoption is good…”

Meanwhile, another MMA coverage fan account (@oocmma) suggested that the post was made by Klu Klux Klan. The comment read: “oh no, Klu Klux Klan twitter just found out who Michael Chandler is”

Even Ex-Bellator competitor Dillon Danis initially criticized Chandler for adopting black kids. However, he faced a huge backlash from fans. Despite these challenges, Chandler found substantial support. There has been a shift in public sentiment over time.

As time progressed, the narrative surrounding Michael Chandler’s adoption journey underwent a significant transformation. What was once criticism for adopting two African American children has now evolved into overwhelming support. Fans have embraced the competitor and his wife for their commitment to parenthood and for providing a loving home for their adopted children.

With a 23-8 MMA record and a 2-3 UFC record, Chandler is a skilled combatant. Thus, some like-minded fans have hoped that the boxer would take on these “keyboard-warriors” head-on. In addition, the majority of people have praised him and his spouse for supporting their two kids and avoiding the foster care system. For a change of pace, many people have decided to side with Chandler on this one.