UFC fans have a laugh riot after UFC star reveals cringe tattoo on her behind

Dee Gomes is a UFC strawweight. She recently got a new tattoo of her initials on her behind, which was reported by MMA reporter Alex Behunin on Twitter.

The tattoo has stirred up quite a buzz on MMA Twitter, with fans creating memes and sharing their reactions.

While tattoos are a common way for MMA stars to express themselves, Dee Gomes’ new tattoo seems to have crossed the line into questionable territory.

MMA Twitter has been flooded with memes and reactions to the double butt tattoo. Some of the funniest reactions include “Doesn’t get any more Brazilian than that,” and “Don’t give her no Performance bonuses.” However, some fans were not amused and simply found the tattoo to be awful.

But MMA fans are used to questionable choices considering some of the biggest stars in the sport have awful tattoos.

Jose Aldo recently got a series of lions on his arm.

Curtis Blaydes is known as “Razor” due to his ground-and-pound skills and rhyming last name, but he recently got a bad tattoo.

Dan Hooker got an ill conceived back piece.

Justin Gaethje has a tattoo of a Bad Boy logo without explanation, located on the left side of his ribcage.

UFC light heavyweight contender Jamahal Hill has two thumbs-up tattoos on his upper chest that may have been intended to be comical.

Charles Oliveira has questionable chest portraits of his parents and daughter, and the quality of the work is suspect.

Amanda Nunes has faux armor belts on her bicep that are aesthetically displeasing.

Caio Borralho has a “Free Spirit” tattoo on his neck that he says represents his attitude in the octagon and encourages people to be themselves.

Jorge Masvidal has a shoulder tattoo of his famous flying knee over Ben Askren that was ridiculed for its design and execution.