UFC fans claimed they found another IV mark – this time dated after the weigh ins

Internet users were stunned when Dan Hooker claimed that Islam Makhachev had played with the rules and used an IV to rehydrate for UFC 284 match against Alexander Volkanovski.

Makhachev’s managers first cried racism.

Then called Hooker a sore loser.

And ultimately incriminated them selves even more.

Makhachev was diplomatic in his response, claiming:

“We have a commission. I don’t even want to comment. We have experts who work with the UFC. I was tested four times before and after the clash. Someone posted a photo of me with a bruise.¬† In Australia, they had a commission that took blood on Wednesday. And they took photos from Thursday. One of the fighters said it and the UFC and USADA didn’t say anything.”


As was already indicated, fans truly did search for any glimmer of evidence that¬† Islam Makhachev had an unfair edge during UFC 284. Twitter was flooded with tweets from followers claiming to have discovered actual proof of Makhachev’s misconduct.

Ceremonial weigh ins took place on February 11th, after the official weigh ins.

We were able to verify that the image wasn’t photoshopped however the bruise is only apparent for the fraction of the video.

However, several fans argued that this kind of a mark would be obvious on the day of – and even high def replays of the UFC event seem to cast doubt on this controversy.