UFC fans adamant Adesanya gearing to move up to Light Heavyweight after transformation pics go viral

Former two-time middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is making a swift return to the Octagon, deviating from his earlier announced layoff until 2027.

Adesanya experienced a setback with a unanimous decision loss to Sean Strickland at UFC 293 last September. After the match, Adesanya decided that he would be away from competition for a long time.

Recent reports confirm Adesanya’s intentions to stage a comeback sooner. He also appears to have gained a significant amount of weight during his absence from the Octagon.

It seems like Adesanya is now gearing up for an anticipated bout against Alex Pereira in the light heavyweight division. There are rumors that the two will compete at UFC 300 as part of the historic April main event.

Initially dismissing Pereira’s proposal for a light heavyweight title rematch this year, Adesanya has since stirred rumors of a third showdown with the two-weight champion. His physical transformation shows a notable increase in his muscle mass and size. This has further fueled speculation surrounding his next matchup.

Pereira expressed his desire to close out the rivalry through an Octagon trilogy with Adesanya. He recounted his attempt to challenge Adesanya after his title win, expressing disappointment at the lack of acknowledgement or respect from Adesanya’s side.

Commenting on Adesanya’s response to his proposal, Pereira stated: “It doesn’t matter for me. called him (Israel Adesanya) out in the cage after the title win, and I wanted to give him the chance, and I saw he did not give me any respect for this – he was laughing about it and making some jokes.”

Pereira asserted his willingness to offer Adesanya an opportunity to settle their differences in the Octagon. But he also conveyed that his interest in the matter has diminished.

He continued: “So for me, it doesn’t matter anymore. I gave him the chance. If he comes up, nice; if he doesn’t, it doesn’t matter.”