UFC debutant Sedriques Dumas struck woman just weeks before UFC debut

Sedriques Dumas will be making his debut at the UFC event in Las Vegas on Saturday, where he will be taking on Josh Fremd. The 27-year-old MMA professional signed with the UFC in 2022 after securing a 47-second submission win over Matej Penaz on Dana White’s Contender Series. With an unbeaten record of 7-0, Dumas is a promising talent in the world of mixed martial arts.

Dumas’ debut comes just weeks after a reported altercation outside a venue in Pensacola, Florida, involving the Dumas and a 21-year-old woman named Alyssa Lewis. According to a police report obtained by Sherdog, Dumas allegedly struck Lewis in the face during an incident that took place across several blocks of downtown Pensacola.

Although the case was closed without any arrests being made, both eyewitness accounts and an interview with Dumas suggest that the incident was a harrowing one.

After the incident, the police searched Dumas’ residence and his girlfriend’s vehicle for a weapon but did not find any weapon. Dumas admitted to being involved in a scrap but claimed that it was started by Lewis, her boyfriend, and a group of women that she was with. An independent witness, however, told the police that Dumas had initiated the incident.

Lewis told police it began after a verbal argument and a brief shoving match between her group and Dumas’ group, which occurred after Dumas made an unprovoked remark towards a pregnant woman in her group.

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Dumas admitted to making the comment about the pregnant woman and claimed that Lewis was upset, walked up to him, and began kicking him. Dumas said he pushed Lewis away, at which point her boyfriend, Ethan Holland, grabbed him.

According to the police report, the employees at the bar separated the two groups and escorted them outside, where Pensacola police officers stood by to assist in dispersing the groups.

Lewis claimed that after the groups were separated, Dumas and his friends attacked her boyfriend a short distance away from the building as they were leaving. Police checked Dumas for warrants and searched him at the scene, but others involved departed before providing information.

Minutes later, the police received a report that Dumas had pulled out a gun, and officers responded to another altercation between the groups a couple of blocks from the bar. When they arrived at the scene, Holland had a visible injury to his face and was bleeding from his mouth.

Lewis was also injured around her face. Holland and Lewis told police that Dumas, wearing red shorts and a black shirt, approached them with a handgun and struck at Holland. Lewis claimed she feared he was going to fire at someone, so she struck him, and that he responded by pistol whipping her.

Although Dumas has a criminal history dating back to 2014, including arrests for shoplifting, aggravated assault, and domestic battery, he has managed to maintain a clean record for the past few years.