UFC champ Sean O’Malley still sleeping around but nixed open relationship for wife

UFC champion Sean O’Malley has recently come under scrutiny for his unconventional views on relationships that have sparked both intrigue and criticism.

At UFC 292 in Boston, O’Malley displayed remarkable skill in the bout against Aljamain Sterling. Despite being considered the underdog, O’Malley thwarted Sterling’s takedown attempts and secured a knockout victory in the second round.

While O’Malley’s triumph inside the cage was celebrated, it’s his approach to his personal life that has garnered equal attention. O’Malley’s relationship with his wife Danya Gonzalez is far from conventional.

He openly justifies his actions, claiming that he cheats on his wife while not allowing her the same freedom. The rationale behind this as he puts it, is the financial support he provides in their open relationship.

O’Malley said on Raw Talk podcast: “I’m a king. I pay for everything. I treat Danny like a queen. If I get a little p***y on the side, what does that have to do with anything? I have testosterone running through my veins.”

“It’s that f*****g simple. I wouldn’t say that if I was in the opposite position, if I wasn’t paying for everything, if I wasn’t successful in any sort of way. If I was an average Joe, it probably wouldn’t be fair, but I feel like I’m f*****g King Kong. Andrew Tate explains it well, it’s status. I’ve got status.”

O’Malley acknowledges that his wife Danya hasn’t always been comfortable with the arrangement. The birth of their daughter Elena brought about hormonal changes that complicated the situation.

He went on to say: “Danny is never fine with it, she has been but then we had a baby and hormones change. I’m a crazy motherf****er, I put myself on a leash and have to live a very disciplined lifestyle. I would be crazy and blowing all my money, but if I want to get a little bit of p**** sometimes it makes me a better man.”

Although O’Malley has been called ‘toxic’ and ‘disgusting’ by fans, he claims that sleeping around with other women has strengthened his bond with Danya. O’Malley asserts that from the time they first met, he was upfront about his stance on monogamy.

Additionally, O’Malley stated on the Full Send podcast: “When I first met Danya, I told her, ‘I don’t know why anyone would f*** the same chick for the rest of their life, I can’t do that.’ Everyone’s definition of an open relationship is different.”

“I like to think of ours as just an open-minded relationship where we don’t own each other. I don’t own her, and she doesn’t own me. So she knew she wasn’t in love with a phoney”

“We’ve had some dope threesomes. Every relationship should be okay with it, that just needs to happen. It’s just a lot of feelings come up when you’re going through a relationship like that, but we’ve grown so much together by doing things like that. Having those uncomfortable conversations to where it’s hard to talk because you don’t know what emotions will come up.”