UFC champ Aljamain Sterling GAINED 35lbs after UFC288

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling recently defended his title in a split decision win over Henry Cejudo. After the match, Sterling happily flaunted his 35-pound weight gain.

Prior to the match, Sterling weighed 134 pounds. But after successfully defending his UFC title, he soon gained 35 pounds (16 kilograms).

Sterling showcased his incredible post-bout physical change in a video on YouTube.

Sterling went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and gorged himself on meatballs, pizza, and bread— just for his appetizers. Sterling said to the camera while seated at the dinner table, “I love food. I love carbs.” He enjoyed his starters and tucked into a huge plate of ravioli for his main course.

Sterling stood in front of the mirror the morning after breakfast and seemed significantly less shredded than he had throughout the fight week. He then stiffened his muscles for the camera, and his abs soon came back.

After his huge dinner, Sterling quickly regained his toned physique after heading to the sauna to help lean himself up. Sterling has a 23-3 MMA record and has held the title of UFC bantamweight champion since March 2021.

After defeating Cejudo the previous Saturday, Sterling squared up against rising star Sean O’Malley. Security was ultimately forced to step in and separate the two. The two are scheduled to compete later this year.

Sterling said during an interview with ESPN that he doesn’t plan on sticking around the sport for very long. He expressed his desire to retire if he becomes a double champ.

Sterling state: “The perfect scenario. I smash Henry. I smash O’Malley. I go to 145lbs. I fight Volkanovski or Rodriguez, and maybe I defend a belt one time. I’m done. I think that’s the perfect scenario, because at that point, it’s like, what else do I have to prove?”