UFC caught photoshopping belt and tattoo to transform Usman into Jamahal Hill

UFC has just been caught lazily photoshopping Kamaru Usman’s arm and belt onto Jamahal Hill’s body. It seems like they didn’t bother taking fresh pics of the new light heavyweight champion Hill for promotional material.

Fans are pointing out how the company has used fused Hill’s body with Usman’s right arm which is holding the welterweight title. The company has modified it a bit to match Hill’s skin tone and they’ve also added his tattoo to it.


The picture is referring to the company doing the same thing with Leon Edwards after he beat Usman for the 170-pound title. They didn’t even bother removing the title defense gems on it.

But this wasn’t the only mistake that they made regarding ‘Usman vs Edwards 2’.

The UFC previously messed up by photoshopping a picture of Hill instead of Edwards to announce UFC 278 which Edwards headlined against Usman.

Fans criticized the promotion for not taking Edwards seriously, even though it took him years to climb back up the ladder for a title shot.

However, we can still make a case for Edwards. This is because he flew right out of the US after winning the belt. So, there probably wasn’t enough time to get his promotional stills.

But with Hill, the company doesn’t really have any excuses for the disrespect shown.

Fans are calling out UFC for the treatment of the new champ.

Many are questioning why they don’t take pre-fight photos of the title challenger with the belt to avoid this stuff.

Others are saying that the original arm may belong to another former champion instead of Usman. They’re saying that the company has saved a template that they always use in such cases.

Edwards is booked to face Kamaru Usman for the third time at UFC London and the fans are livid – this time because the ticket prices for the event are absurdly priced with some of the nosebleed seats going up to $600.