UFC 297 star pleads for more money after destroying opponent who missed weight by an entire weight class

UFC 297 has already etched its name in the books of exciting events, and the spotlight is shining brightly on the undercard performers. One competitor who stood out remarkably is Jasmine Jasudavicius. Despite delivering an outstanding performance in her hometown, she finds herself grappling with dissatisfaction over her UFC purse.

Jasmine faced Priscila Cachoeira in a gripping bantamweight bout during the early preliminary card of UFC 297. The three-round clash showcased Jasudavicius’ skills, turning it into a memorable moment for the Canadian. With relentless pressure, she dominated her opponent to ultimately achieve her first UFC finish.

The 34-year-old concluded the match with an anaconda choke in Round 3, leaving Cachoeira battered and helpless. Despite securing her third win in four matches, Jasudavicius couldn’t hide her dissatisfaction. She hinted at unresolved issues with her purse.

Following her performance, Jasmine Jasudavicius faced the media during the press conference after. While acknowledging her good performance, she remained humble and recognized the need to prove herself further. However, her dissatisfaction became evident when discussing her fight purse.

Jasudavicius expressed her disappointment, stating: “Even though we are fighting in another weight class, I’m still getting the 30%, because this isn’t her (Priscila Cachoeira) first weight miss. Honestly, I wish it was more. It’s another weight class, it’s not 3 lbs- 5 lbs, it’s a whole new weight class.”

When it became apparent that the Brazilian boxer would not be able to reach 125 pounds, the battle was rescheduled to bantamweight before the weigh-in. Naturally, Jasmine was irritated by her opponent’s behavior. She decided to torment the Brazilian instead, giving a lights-out performance.

As previously said, Jasmine Jasudavicius severely defeated Priscila Cachoeira. She outstruck her opponent 326–26, one of the largest strike differentials in UFC history. After the match, pictures of a bleeding Cachoeira went viral on social media.

The judges’ scorecards for the fight reflected the one-sided nature of the match. Scores of 20-16, 20-16, and 20-15 in favor of Jasmine Jasudavicius were revealed.

Regarding UFC 297, it seems that it will become the highest-grossing arena gate ever recorded. It is also expected to be the highest gate at an arena for Canada ever. UFC CEO Dana White said that the event is expected to bring in $7.6 million, with 18,100 tickets sold inside a fully booked Scotiabank Arena.