UFC 291: Infamous cheater accused of trying to raise opponent’s top and flash crowd

MMA has a long history of bending the rules, with stars often pushing the boundaries of fair play during their intense bouts. Such conduct is nothing new in the sport, and it seems that the fighters have accepted a certain level of leniency when it comes to adhering to the rulebook. From eye pokes to fence grabs, these actions are often overlooked, even without a point deduction or warning.

Priscila Cachoeira’s recent outing against Miranda Maverick at UFC 291, however, has sparked discussions about her conduct inside the octagon. Cachoeira has gained a reputation for her behavior that seems to go beyond the boundaries of permitted.

Prior to her bout against Maverick, Cachoeira made headlines for attempting to finger poke Gillian Robertson’s eye sockets, a move that raised eyebrows in the MMA community. While her fight against Maverick didn’t feature such dramatic actions, it was far from a clean match. Cachoeira displayed frustration at being out-grappled, resorting to tactics like fence grabs, fish hooks, and an apparent oil check.

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The video of the bout also captured Cachoeira’s questionable finger positioning at the beginning of the clip, as she attempted to execute a butt drag defense to counter Maverick’s takedown attempt.

Miranda Maverick is NOT happy with Priscila Cachoeira pulling her shirt down during:

“I hope the world didn’t see me. But they probably did,” – she told media.

During the round, Maverick locked in an armbar, and Cachoeira’s behavior grew even more suspect. She attempted a “Brazilian tap,” which involves tapping just once or halfway in the hope that the opponent will loosen their grip, allowing an escape without fully conceding. While this tactic may be employed by fighters of all nationalities, Cachoeira’s execution of it raised eyebrows and highlighted her contentious approach to the fight.

Fortunately, Maverick did not fall for the trick and secured a crystal clear tapout victory. Her composed response to Cachoeira’s unsportsmanlike conduct demonstrated her skill and professionalism in dealing with a challenging opponent.

Moving forward, any fighter who agrees to face Priscila Cachoeira should be aware of her controversial tactics, and referees should keep a close eye on her actions inside the octagon. As MMA continues to evolve, maintaining fair play and integrity should remain a priority, and fighters should be held accountable for their conduct during fights.