UFC 286: Late stoppage? KO-ed guy tries to grapple the ref after he’s transported to another universe

Sam Patterson had a harrowing experience in his debut against Yanal Ashmoz during the UFC 286 preliminary card at the O2 Arena in London.

The event was an intense and produced an impressive exchange of blows, which ended with Ashmoz landing a devastating right hand counter that sent Patterson crashing to the mat. Ashmoz followed up with a barrage of ground and pound that left Patterson out of it.

Patterson’s reaction after being KO-ed was the surprise of the night. He stood up dazed and confused, not knowing where he was. The man believed he was still in the midst of the bout and attempted to grapple with referee Marc Goddard. The incident served as a stark reminder of how much is on the line in mixed martial arts.

The event between Patterson and Ashmoz showcased the highs and lows of MMA. Ashmoz, who extended his undefeated MMA record to 7-0 at UFC 286, had a surreal debut, securing his sixth win inside the distance. On the other hand, Patterson suffered a KO in front of home crowd, leading to a 10-2-1 record.

After, some fans claimed that referee Marc Goddard had stopped the match too late, causing Patterson to suffer more damage than necessary.

Video footage of Patterson’s struggle to recover surfaced on social media, and some fans accused Goddard of being too slow to intervene. However, it is worth noting that the referee’s job is to ensure the safety and only stop the action when necessary.

Despite minimal damage, Ashmoz might take a short break before returning to the Octagon, where he is expected to continue his impressive run. Meanwhile, Patterson may require some time to recover from his loss before returning to the sport.