UFC 276: Volkanovski opens up a massive cut on Holloway in a convincing victory

Volkanovski had a reach advantage coming into the fight despite being substantially shorter.

The two were tentative right out the gate, sizing each other up.

Volkanovski landed a nice right to kick off the festivities. The two exchanged a fair number of low kicks between them early on.

Volkanovski started off strong and landed a big left in the final minute of round 1.

Holloway landed a nice right.

Volkanovski body locked Holloway to the fence and took the back. The action reset. Volkanovski was making headway with the jab, opening up the eye off Holloway.

The cut was making it hard for Max to see out of the eye. The commentary team remarked on how hard it would be to clean up.

The entire cotton bud went into the cut prompting the team to think the fight might be stopped.

The cutman did remarkably well to stop the bleeding – but that cut is looking big.

Holloway was looking defeated heading into Round 3. Very nice defensive head movement from Volkanovski.

Good combination from Volkanovski reopened the cut. Volkanovski clinched up Max to the fence. Max defended the takedown properly.

Nice spinning elbow from Volkanovski to the fence.

Volkanovski landed 70% of his significant strikes to the head of Holloway – and it was showing.

Holloway’s shorts were covered in blood from that same cut.

Holloway managed to snag Volkanovski’s back but Volkanovski quickly recovered.

Volkanovski would go on to clip the wings of Holloway – stuff all Holloway’s takedown attempts and successfully counter 90% of his attempts.

When all was said and done he yelled at the commentary table “Who’s next”. Volkanovski had a message for the audience saying “Never back down” whether you love him or hate him.

Volkanovski and Holloway were amicable through the fight ending.

All three judges scored 50-45 for Volkanovski.