UFC 276: Barbarena delivers standing KO over Robbie Lawler

Bryan Barbarena and Robbie Lawler’s match up started off as a part of the prelims but due to Miesha Tate’s fight getting cancelled got moved to the main card.

Barbarena and Lawler certainly had tremendous potential to deliver entertainment value.

Lawler started off on the right food mixing up body shots and punches. A big right landed for Lawler and jarred Barbarena awake. At this point he started firing and loading up the haymakers.

Lawler and Barbarena traded heavy shots and basically had a ‘stand and bang’ approach not even thinking of clinching.

Barbarena landed three body shots in a row and then distracted Lawrler with feints before unloading on his body.

Barbarena started landing elbows and Lawler seemed to be head moving in a daze. After another elbow connected Lawler managed to counter with a left but it was too little too late. Yet another elbow and combinations for Lawler late in round 1.

Barbarena layered on a number of right hands in the second round. Barbarena was even wobbled by Lawler in early minutes of Round 2.

Both men were throwing with no effort to defend, but it was Barberena landing the harder shots. A right hand rocked Lawler and backed him up to the fence, then another stunned him. At this point Barbarena packed on the assaults and that was all that it took for the ref to call it.

Bryan Barberena def. Robbie Lawler by TKO (Punches) in Round 2 (4:47).