UFC 271 Highlights! Kyler Phillips submits Marcelo Rojo

Kyler Phillips just finished Marcelo Rojo with a beautiful armbar from the triangle.

The American fighter put on a masterful performance, especially his work with leg kicks that put the Argentinean on the defensive for most of the fight.

At the very last round of the fight, Phillips showcased his grappling skills.

Phillips put Marcelo on his back and quickly worked through his guard.

Then Kyler mounted then transitioned to a triangle from the mount position.

Having such a dominant position, Phillips punished Rojo with hard elbows from the top.

While his opponent was in the defensive, Phillips rolled to his back to secure the triangle choke.

With the triangle choke locked in, Phillips showed masterful BJJ as he transitioned from the choke to an armbar effortlessly.

With such an incredible performance, Kyler Phillips cements himself as an up-and-coming prospect in the bantamweight division.