UFC 271: Crazy Comeback – Silva De Andrade Submits Morozov

Even though Douglas Da Silva Andrade is fighting on the early prelims, he is already in contention for the performance of the night.

Andrade scored a movie-like comeback that put everyone on the edge of their seat.

As the fight started, Sergey Morozov was looking like he was going to make quick work of the Brazilian.

Morozov hit Andrade with punches and a nasty knee that badly rocked Andrade and almost knocked him out.

To make things even more challenging for the Brazilian, Morozov opened a nasty cut on Andrade’s face that made even the commentators wonder if the doctors were going to stop the fight after the first round.

However, in the second round, Andrade quickly let his opponent know that he wasn’t done.

At the very begging of the round, Andrade dropped the Kazakhstan-born fighter with punches and went on to dominate the rest of the fight.

After dropping him for the second time in the round, Andrade got to Morozov’s back and eventually secured the rear-naked choke victory.

At the post-fight interview, Andrade said.

“Morozov is a really tough fighter, he hit me in the head and got so wobbly that I was seeing three guys in front of me.” The Brazilian continued “But with all due respect, I’ll only leave the octagon either knocked out or submitted, I will never quit in here.”

After the fact De Andrade revealed why he asked for the bonus: