UFC 270: Morales TKOs Giles -Giles Held Back By Ref As He recovers

First PPV of 2022 is kicking off with a bang. Morales got to make his UFC debut on the UFC 270 main card thanks to many fights that fell apart.

Ecuadorian Michael Morales came into the fight against Trevin Giles measured. Giles appeared to be dominating early on after delivering a slew of calf kicks and even tagging Morales bigtime. Giles then opted to clinch and after some work managed to get the fight to the ground. However his favorite submission – the arm triangle evaded him and soon his fight luck would turn completely.

Morales recovered from the submission attempt and got to work. Very quickly he started tagging GIles – who was visibly shaken. After several exchanges Morales had made Giles fold on his feet and followed up with some heavy ground and pound.