Tyson Fury’s contract with Francis Ngannou ‘WILL include a rematch clause’

In a surprising turn of events, it has been revealed that Tyson Fury’s upcoming boxing showdown with MMA powerhouse Francis Ngannou will feature a rematch clause. This revelation comes despite the world champion’s recent denial of such an arrangement.

The highly anticipated clash is set to take place in Saudi Arabia on October 28, putting Fury’s impeccable record at stake.

Boxing News 24 has recently confirmed that their contract does have a rematch clause.

Even though Fury is heavily favored to win, there is still a chance that he may lose since he hasn’t competed in nine months and is up against one of MMA’s best strikers.

This potential risk has not escaped Fury’s attention, evident in the inclusion of a rematch clause in the contract.

The two competitors engaged in a riveting face-off during their press conference earlier, engaging on the mic to win over the fans. This electrifying encounter sets the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable showdown.

The announcement of this matchup has not been without its critics. A significant portion of the boxing community had hoped to witness Fury square off against either Anthony Joshua or Oleksandr Usyk. Despite negotiations, it seems these matchups will not materialize.

Usyk recently won against Daniel Dubois, while Joshua defeated Robert Helenius in August.

Despite the fact that both guys are seeking new opponents, it looks like Fury has no interest in facing either man. Reports even suggest that Fury could risk losing his WBC world title if he continues to delay further defenses, according to the Daily Star.

The 35-year-old has already successfully defended the WBC title three times since winning it from Wilder in 2020.

The upcoming showdown with Ngannou promises to be a pivotal moment in Fury’s illustrious career, with the inclusion of the rematch clause adding an extra layer of intrigue to an already captivating matchup.