Tyson Fury roasts Jon Jones for UFC challenge: “I’m the boss in this game”

Tyson Fury ended his self induced social media black out yesterday and fired off a rant targeting Joe Rogan over a no holds barred hypothetical scenario with Jon Jones.

Renowned commentator Joe Rogan weighed in on the possibility of a no holds barred bout between Jones and boxing sensation Tyson Fury, expressing his belief in Jones’ superiority.


However, Fury was quick to respond, igniting a war of words between the two.

With colorful language, Fury dismissed the notion that Jones could overpower him, asserting his unwavering confidence.



Not one to shy away from a challenge, Jon Jones promptly responded to Fury’s comments. Acknowledging Fury’s boxing prowess, Jones urged him to step into the world of MMA and experience the sheer dominance that he has displayed in the octagon for over a decade.


While both Fury and Jones boast remarkable accomplishments in their respective sports, the transition from boxing to MMA or vice versa has often favored the athlete who is on familiar ground.

A notable example is the ill-fated venture of former boxing champion James Toney into the world of MMA. Randy Couture swiftly dispatched Toney in their 2010 encounter, highlighting the challenges faced by boxers crossing over to the octagon.

Interestingly, Tyson Fury’s recent expressions of interest in sharing the boxing ring with MMA heavyweight Francis Ngannou have caught the attention of fans worldwide.

However, Fury’s enthusiasm to face Ngannou seemed to have dwindled as Ngannou’s schedule opened up. The possibility of a Fury-Ngannou boxing bout remains uncertain.

Fury fired off a response to Jon Jones – and decided to ignore Ngannou for now:

“I say Jon Jones is pipe top. Jon, you talking about me in the cage? I’m not a cage fighter, mate. I’m a boxer. The best boxer, actually. And so if you want to come into a boxing ring, if I may be my guest, let me know. You don’t have to call anybody else. No, Don, no, nobody. You call me because a boxing fight and I’m the boss in this game.”