Tyson Fury risks catastrophe against Ngannou if he doesn’t respect Ngannou’s power

In a highly-anticipated crossover clash set to take place in Saudi Arabia on October 28, Tyson Fury faces former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Tyson Fury is considered to be the overwhelming favorite, as Ngannou has not boxed professionally yet.

Olympic boxer Frazer Clarke issued a warning, stating that Ngannou could cause a stunning upset if Fury underestimates him.

Clarke believes that Ngannou’s ability to deliver powerful punches can prove to be a significant threat in Riyadh. He said that if Fury doesn’t take the MMA knockout artist seriously, he might end up losing the match.

While talking to The Metro, Clarke stated: “Fury is such a big fighter and big personality, he has got the governing bodies wrapped up around his little finger. He does what he wants and that is the reality of it. He is going to earn a lot of money and have a lot of eyes on him from all walks of life.”

Clarke emphasizes the importance of Tyson Fury not underestimating Ngannou’s punching prowess. In heavyweight boxing, a single powerful punch can change the outcome of the match dramatically. If Fury allows Ngannou to connect with such a blow, the consequences could be disastrous.

Clarke continued: “But boxing fans see straight through it. Having said that, I wish him all the best and for God’s sake, don’t let Ngannou land a shot on your chin and put you to sleep because that would be catastrophic.”

“We all know he can punch and if you are fit and you can punch in heavyweight boxing, you have as good a chance as anyone because if you land that shot, it can be goodnight. There has been lots of talk about levels in the sport and what level he it at having never done it professionally.”

“But he probably has more of a shot than a non-puncher at British level.”

Although the boxing match will be of ten round, Tyson Fury’s WBC heavyweight title will not be on the line. The contest will take place under Queensberry boxing rules, but it remains unclear whether it will be recorded on both combatants’ records.

Tyson Fury’s last match was a one-sided trilogy bout against Derek Chisora in December. On the other hand, Ngannou’s most recent MMA bout was against Ciryl Gane in January of 2022.