Tyson Fury praises Jake Paul boxing Mike Tyson, claims it’s ‘Fantastic’ for the sport

Reigning heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has offered a surprising take on the much-debated upcoming bout between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson. While criticism has flooded in from various corners, Fury views this event as a positive development for the sport.

The event is set to unfold on July 20 and streamed exclusively on Netflix. It pits the 27-year-old internet sensation-turned-boxer Jake Paul against the legendary Mike Tyson. What’s stirring the pot further is the considerable age gap of 30 years between the two contenders.

Tyson’s last professional match dates back to 2005, while Paul has been making waves in the boxing scene with a record of nine wins and one defeat over the past four years.

Amidst the buzz surrounding the bout, Paul’s promoters are reportedly advocating for the match to be recognized as a professional contest. This move raises eyebrows, given Tyson’s prolonged absence from the professional ring.

While some enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Tyson’s comeback, others remain skeptical about the unorthodox match-up. However, Fury has a different opinion. He acknowledges the polarizing nature of Jake Paul’s persona but sees the clash as a boon for boxing as it will draw attention from diverse audiences.

He stated: “I think it’s fantastic for boxing. You’ve got a legend in Mike Tyson, you’ve got a YouTube boxer who’s come into the game and blew it up and has got millions of followers and millions of views and millions of eyes – good, bad or indifferent.”

“Some people love (Paul), some people hate him. So, I think it’s a really good spectacle for boxing, brings a lot of people to the game. Listen, who am I to say Mike Tyson shouldn’t be boxing, or Jake Paul shouldn’t be boxing?”

“Good luck to them, they’re both gonna make what I call ‘a s***-ton of money’ out of it, so isn’t that what it’s about?'”

Fury commends the choice of venue, the iconic AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. With both contenders poised to captivate the audience and secure hefty paychecks, Fury sees little reason to oppose the spectacle.

He suggests that despite initial doubts, the match promises to be of great interest and will likely draw viewers despite criticisms. He said: “‘Ah, it’s s***,’ and this, that and the other.’ But I bet they still watch it. Who’s not intrigued?”

Fury is currently scheduled to compete in his own high-profile matchup on May 8 against Oleksandr Usyk, the postponed undisputed heavyweight champion.