27 year old Boxer Ardi Ndembo Passes Away After Suffering a KO Loss In Early April

Ardi Ndembo was a rising heavyweight boxer from Congo. He has sadly passed away after being placed in an induced coma following a knockout during a Team Combat League event on April 5th in Miami.

News of Ndembo’s passing was shared by Viva Promotions in an update on their social media account. Expressing deep sorrow over the loss of the talented Congolese athlete, the promotion stated: “We at Viva Promotions mourn the loss of Ardi Ndembo, a talented Congolese boxer who tragically passed away after a knockout in a Team Combat League match on April 5. He remained in an induced coma until his untimely death. RIP Ardi Ndembo!”

Ndembo is a 27-year-old hailing from Brazzaville, Congo. He was not just a boxer but also a devoted father to two children. He had also been actively competing for the Miami Assassins in the TCL.

His untimely demise occurred after being knocked out by Nestor Santana of the Las Vegas Hustle. According to reports from Marca, Ndembo remained unconscious on the canvas for “several agonizing minutes.”

Moved by the tragic incident, Team Combat League initiated a GoFundMe campaign aimed at supporting Ndembo’s children. The campaign aimed to alleviate the financial burden on Ndembo’s family, and received significant attention. Also, Team Combat League pledged to match all donations made, up to $25,000.

Jeff Mayweather is the coach of the Las Vegas Hustle and uncle to the renowned Floyd Mayweather Jr. He highlighted the inherent risks associated with the sport of boxing.

Jeff said: “Boxing’s a sport where you grow up watching it and loving it, but there’s so much risk involved. Anyone can lose their life from boxing. When something like this happens, it wakes up the whole entire world.”

Ndemobo has an official record of 8-0 with 7 KOs. He was a rising boxer who anticipated great things in life.