Tyson Fury complains he lost a tremendous amount of money betting on brother Tommy

Tyson Fury recently disclosed that he experienced a significant financial setback following the outcome of the Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul match. In a candid revelation, Fury explained that he had placed a substantial bet on his half-brother Tommy Fury to secure a knockout victory, which ultimately did not materialize.

Tommy Fury has garnered substantial attention in recent years. After transitioning to professional boxing in 2018, the Love Island star has amassed an unblemished record of 10 victories.

Given his rising star power, Tommy Fury ventured into influencer boxing, engaging in high-profile matches against prominent influencers such as Jake Paul and KSI. In his clash with Jake Paul, Tommy Fury became the first person to defeat the famed YouTuber in February.

Despite his prior success, the match was a closely contested affair, extending to 8 rounds before Fury emerged as the winner via a split decision.

This outcome contrasted with Tyson Fury’s earlier prediction. The WBC heavyweight champion had displayed unwavering confidence that his half-brother Tommy would secure a knockout victory. Tyson Fury had attested to Tommy’s formidable punching power, citing his firsthand experience during their training sessions.

However, Tyson Fury came to the realization that Tommy lacked the experience to effectively set up the finishing blow, causing him to lose a considerable sum of money on the bet.

“My brother Tommy can hit as hard as any heavyweight that you’ll ever hit. It’s very hard, but yet he can’t knock out KSI or Jake Paul because he doesn’t have the experience to set that punch up. I actually lost a lot of money when Tommy fought Jake Paul,” Tyson Fury revealed during a conversation with Queensbury Promotions.

He further elaborated, “I bet 100 percent that this YouTuber is not going to take Tommy’s power. No way. Tommy hits me in the gut and it hurts me; he hits very hard when we’re body sparring; he hits me all up the arms, and my arms are sore. I’m thinking, ‘this YouTuber’s not going to be able to take this power,’ so I bet him heavily to win by knockout, and he won on points.”

Tommy Fury’s unblemished record boasts four knockouts out of his ten victories. In his most recent bout, the 24-year-old faced off against popular UK YouTuber KSI, headlining the MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card event on October 14. Although Fury emerged victorious via a unanimous decision, the outcome was mired in controversy.