Tyson Fury claims he would knockout Francis Ngannou ‘in seconds’ if they competed in MMA

Tyson Fury has confidently asserted that he could secure a lightning-fast victory over Francis Ngannou should they engage in a mixed martial arts showdown.

As the press conference for the much-anticipated crossover between the WBC heavyweight champion and former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou approaches, the combat sports community is abuzz with excitement.

Ngannou has consistently showcased his formidable power throughout his career, raising hopes of a potential upset victory over his esteemed opponent.

Despite Ngannou’s striking prowess, Fury exudes unyielding confidence in his abilities. He boldly asserts that if the clash were to take place within the confines of a cage, he would emerge victorious.

Fury expressed his conviction to TNT Sports, stating: “I’d like to fight Ngannou in the cage, I think I can beat him for sure. He’s not a good wrestler, he’s known for striking and I’m a better striker than him. In little gloves, I’d knock him out in seconds.”

On the highly-anticipated night of October 28th, these two formidable combatants will step into the boxing ring. The event is dubbed as the ‘Battle of the Baddest’.

Fury also boldly extended a challenge to none other than the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

He said: “I’d fight Jon Jones also in the cage, if the money was right.”

In response to Joe Rogan’s comments that Fury would have “no chance in hell” of winning a street brawl against Jones, Fury blasted Rogan on social media in an expletive-filled tirade and vowed that he would defeat Jones in such a matchup.

Fury then clarified his views on the subject on his Instagram page in May. He said: “If you guys want to fight me it’s got to be under boxing rules. I don’t roll round the floor, I stand up and punch.”

Now it appears that Fury has reversed his stance, expressing eagerness to face the UFC champion within the confines of a cage.