Tyson Fury calls out actor Ryan Reynolds for a FIGHT after football rivalry

Tyson Fury has recently challenged Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds following Wrexham’s 6-0 triumph over Morecambe.

Living in Morecambe, Fury was not pleased with his hometown team’s League Two away loss against Wrexham. The team is co-owned by Reynolds.

The game witnessed an early lead for Wrexham with an own goal from Joel Senior. The onslaught continued with Paul Mullin scoring an impressive hat-trick, while Jacob Mendy and James Jones also added their names to the scoresheet.

Wrexham’s triumph cements their position at second place in League Two, compared to Morecambe’s position at 12th.

In the aftermath of the game, Fury took to Instagram and shared a digitally altered image of himself against Reynolds’ iconic Deadpool character. The image also showed the symbol of Morecambe and Wrexham, presenting a teasing query to his followers – ‘Who would win in a fight?’

In September, Fury vowed to challenge Reynolds when Morecambe faced off against Wrexham. Confirming his intentions during the game, Fury asserted: “Yeah, I’m going to call out Ryan Reynolds.”

It was announced earlier this month that Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will square off on February 17 in Saudi Arabia.

While speaking about the match, Fury also expressed his appreciation for Usyk.

He said: “Usyk has done everything he could possibly do so I have to respect him. He’s done fantastic, just like Wilder, Joshua, Parker, myself. We’ve all done fantastic, we are all multimillionaires who have changed our stars for the better.”

“I don’t really know Oleksandr as a man because I’ve never been out with him for a beer or socialised. But from what I’ve seen he’s a God-fearing family man. I have made them all millionaires. I just wish them good luck and good health and a good Christmas present.”

“But what a Christmas present they have got now. And they all need to thank Saudi Arabia because boxing has been on a nose dive. Although without me this wouldn’t be possible. I have introduced Saudi Arabia and boxing to each other. But I am not here for pats on the back and all that, I have my own fight in February.”