Tye and Kade Ruotolo land arm in RNCs in back to back performances on ONE

The electrifying ONE FN 21 took place at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. It seemed like lightning struck twice in the co-main event.

21-year-old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sensation Tye Ruotolo showcased his remarkable skills by securing a spectacular victory over Izaak Michell. Tye executed an arm-in rear-naked choke to defeat his opponent. He employed the same flawless technique his twin brother Kade had done in a previous match. With this win, Tye successfully defended his welterweight title in a thrilling display of skills.

Known as the ‘Ruotolotine,’ this signature move not only earned Kade Ruotolo his win but also fetched him a remarkable $50,000 bonus from CEO Chatri Sityodtong. Following suit, Tye undoubtedly received his well-deserved $50,000 bonus for his exceptional achievement.

Remarkably, both brothers secured their submissions within a similar timeframe. While Kade executed his Ruotolotine at 4:48 into the bout, Tye swiftly wrapped up his victory at 4:43.

The pivotal moment in the match occurred as Michell attempted a takedown from a standing back take position. In a display of agility and skill, Ruotolo swiftly turned the tables. He transitioned from a vulnerable position to seizing full mount with unparalleled finesse.

Despite briefly considering a ‘mother’s milk smother,’ Tye opted to prioritize control. Seizing the opportunity as Michell exposed his back, Ruotolo seamlessly locked in the Ruotolotine. With this, he ended up securing his victory with precision and determination.

 Kade Ruotolo made quite the impression at ONEFN 21 with his victory over Francisco Lo, earning a $50,000 bonus in the process. His use of an arm-in rear-naked choke, dubbed the “Ruotolotine,” showcased his grappling prowess and creativity.

Additionally, the announcement of Kade Ruotolo’s upcoming MMA debut on June 7th against Blake Cooper adds another layer of excitement.

Additionally, Ruotolo just declared that he would be making his MMA debut. While Kade has already secured a match against Blake Cooper scheduled for June 7th, Tye has his sights set on a few grappling matches. This is notably against Nicholas Meregali and Gordon Ryan.

Expressing his eagerness to face formidable opponents before fully committing to MMA, Tye emphasized his determination to conquer new challenges.

He said: “Once I get those names down, for sure I’ll make the full transition. I even want to make the transition to MMA this year. Just maybe do one fight by the end of the year. Before I fully, fully commit to MMA, I wanna take down all those guys first.”