TUF debacle: Team McGregor had trainings get canceled due to McGregor not showing up

TUF Season 31 pitted veterans against prospects, and Conor McGregor was Michael Chandler’s opponent as the head coach. It was Michael Chandler who stepped up as the guiding force for the veterans, leaving a significant impression on Kurt Holobaugh.

As the season unfolded, it became evident that Conor McGregor was not as dedicated to his coaching role as Michael Chandler. A sense of excitement welled up within Kurt Holobaugh when he observed this stark contrast.

Holobaugh alleges that the prospects’ many practices were postponed as a result of McGregor’s failure to appear at the Apex as their coach.

While speaking on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN, Holobaugh shed light on the situation. He said: “No, he definitely missed a lot. I don’t think he showed up to one weigh-in, I know there were several times where they may have canceled their practices. I remember sometimes the guys would get all the way to the Apex, our team in a sense enjoyed it when they would go because we loved the hours we had.”

“We had 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and they had 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., so by the time we would get back to the house just before six, that is when we had time to cook and shower, there weren’t many people in the house, chill in the hot tub.”

He continued: “All of a sudden they came back in several times and we thought they were training and they said they canceled it. There were quite of few times Conor didn’t show and Conor canceled practices. I definitely think he could have been way more involved than he was.”

Having spent substantial time with Michael Chandler, Kurt Holobaugh gained insight into his work ethic. This experience only bolstered his confidence in Chandler’s abilities.

Holobaugh stated, “After spending a lot of time with Michael Chandler and seeing how Michael Chandler trains and then knowing who Conor is and what Conor is doing and how Conor is training.”

McGregor’s lack of involvement in TUF 31 practices has only reinforced Holobaugh’s belief in Chandler’s chances of success in a potential showdown between the two.

He stated: “I have to give the edge to my guy Chandler man. I think he’s going to want it so much more than Conor is going to want it, either one of them gets the chance to quit, Chandler’s not going to quit but if Conor gets the chance to quit he’s going to want to get out of there and that is when Michael Chandler will finish him off. I’m going with Michael Chandler.”