Trans shao’lin kung fu champion boasts of undefeated 320-0 record on the street and having paralyzed 9 people

There are certain tells that someone is faking their martial arts experience, one of them might be making extraordinary claims.

When it comes to martial arts, it’s important to be able to identify those who are truly skilled and experienced from those who may be faking it. Here are some common tells that someone may be faking their martial arts experience:

Lack of Humility: A true martial artist is humble and respects their opponents. If someone constantly boasts about their skills or accomplishments, they may be trying to compensate for a lack of actual experience.

Inconsistent or Incorrect Terminology: Every martial art has its own terminology and principles that are fundamental to its practice. If someone uses inconsistent or incorrect terminology, it may indicate that they don’t actually have experience in that particular martial art.

Lack of Technique or Control: One of the most obvious tells is when someone doesn’t seem to know the basic techniques or lacks control over their movements. A true martial artist practices regularly to perfect their technique and control.

Overreliance on Strength: A true martial artist knows how to use technique and leverage to overcome their opponent, rather than just relying on brute strength. Someone who is faking their experience may use excessive force to try to intimidate their opponent.

Lack of Sparring or Competition Experience: Sparring and competition are important components of martial arts training, and a lack of experience in these areas can be a red flag that someone is faking their experience.

Shanu Varma is a transgender activist that’s become controversial due to a series of  threatening tweets on social media. Varma claims to have joined the Women’s Institute amidst a dispute over whether the organization should allow transgender members.

Varma recently posted a screenshot of the WI website thanking her for a membership and added a caption announcing her membership.

However, several Twitter users pointed out Varma’s recent warnings that she had created a list of dozens of critics of gender ideology to help friends who wanted to physically harm them. Family law barrister Sarah Phillimore expressed that women have a right to single-sex spaces, regardless of whether the threats are empty or not.

Female MPs from both the Conservative and Labor parties have joined forces to defend women’s rights and warn that ‘extremist activists’ must not be allowed to erode hard-won protections.

Meanwhile, the campaign group Conservatives for Women has stated that women have the right to assemble without the presence of men and criticized the WI’s decision to allow transgender members.

Using one account, under the name DJ Miss Gripper, she has also boasted about her love of martial arts. In one message last month she wrote: ‘I’ve permanently paralysed nine people from the neck down.’

‘Am a gold medal holder shao’lin kung fu champion. Be careful who you threaten, I can make one phone call, call a favour in and end of troll.’

In another she said: ‘I am very violent and cruel when I fight and have never lost in 320 fights in 40 years.’

In one of her recent tweets, she said that she had permanently paralyzed nine people and that she had never lost a scrap in her 40 years of confrontations. Moreover, she spoke of creating a ‘list’ of gender critics, known as ‘terfs’ as per dailymail.

Despite the controversy surrounding Varma, the Women’s Institute chief executive Melissa Green has stated that transgender women are women, and the organization is open to sharing and celebrating their experiences with them.

The twitter profile has since been suspended,