Trans model puts Dillon Danis on blast exposing flirty DMs in light of his treatment of Logan Paul’s fiance

In recent months, Dillon Danis has emerged as the most prominent figure in the realm of combat sports on X (formerly known as Twitter).

His strategic move to delve into the dating history of Nina Agdal was aimed at getting under Logan Paul’s skin. The entire incident has sparked widespread interest.

This is particularly noteworthy, considering that Paul and Agdal recently announced their engagement after a period of courtship. The culmination of this rivalry will be witnessed in the anticipated boxing match set to take place in Manchester this October.

Amidst Danis’ soaring popularity, an unexpected twist emerged in the form of a trans content creator. This transwoman took to social media platforms, recounting an interaction where Dillon Danis engaged her through direct messages.

The content creator seized upon an episode where Danis speculated about Nina’s identity on the Full Send Podcast. She criticized Danis for pretending to assist the transgender community when he in fact done little to help them.

In light of this disclosure, Logan Paul could potentially exploit this situation to his advantage, using it as ammunition against Danis. But so far, no significant repercussions have materialized. If Danis persists in taunting Nina Agdal, Logan might seize this opportunity to tarnish his reputation.

The majority of fans rallied behind Dillon, most of them joking that the trans content creator has been paid by Logan. Some of the comments were as follows:

“How much did Logan pay her is all I wanna know 😂😂😂”

“This is all fake by Logan”

“Logan really calling for all the reinforcements 😭”

In the eyes of many combat sports fans, Dillon Danis faces an uphill battle against Logan Paul. The Paul brothers have established a track record of selecting opponents perceived as lower-tier in the boxing world.

Danis is an expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but possesses very little boxing skills. But the history of combat sports is replete with instances where underdogs have emerged victorious. Danis could thus need good fortune on his side to win the match.