Tony Ferguson slams Daniel Cormier: “Once a hater always a vag”

Daniel Cormier has been milking his soundbite urging Tony Ferguson to retire. While it’s an open secret that Ferguson is on a downwards trajectory there aren’t that many people who are openly urging Ferguson to retire – especially considering that he’s been dealing with title contenders back to back.

“Tony Ferguson is done, bro. He is a shell of himself and he doesn’t want to retire. He actually said he feels like he got better, he saw some good things. I’m like what did he do in there to show that he’s better than he was prior?” Cormier said on DC & RC

“Tony Ferguson to me … is that it wasn’t a gradual decline. It was like he got to the edge of the cliff and just fell off the cliff. It was Justin Gaethje then that was it.”

Cormier came under fire from Tony Ferguson for his remarks. After Ferguson was defeated by Nate Diaz by submission at UFC 279, Cormier said Ferguson would be better off hanging up his gloves.

According to Cormier, Ferguson’s refusal to go indicated that he lacked “self-awareness.”

Ferguson replied to Cormier’s remarks by telling the Hall of Famer to avoid sweets since they affect the brain negatively.

The former lightweight interim champion also made fun of Cormier’s close buddy and longtime rival Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Commenting on a post mentioning Cormier, Ferguson added:

“@dc mma Should Put The Sweets Down. Too Much Sugar Will Go To Your Head like Ol’ Fathead Khabieber. Once a hater always a vag ina- Champ 🖕😎 -CSO- MF’as 🇺🇸🏆🇲🇽 # 🥇”

In general, Daniel Cormier wasn’t satisfied with the UFC 279. As an insider, Cormier had the scoop about Chimaev’s weight but as a proper company man that he is failed to put Chimaev on the spot.

Instead the two discussed their towel weigh in antics despite the fact that Chimaev admitted to Cormier he had 85kilograms (187 lbs) just a day before the famous weigh in debacle.

Tony Ferguson, the former interim lightweight champion, lost his fifth straight  against Nate Diaz. Since Justin Gaethje brutally ended Ferguson 12 winning streak in 2019, he hasn’t been able to regain his footing.

Although there has been discussion about Ferguson retiring, Ferguson is focusing on pursuing a degree. According to his own account he’ll be starting Harvard business school soon.

Following the bout, the 38-year-old remarked in an interview:

“I should have kept it standing. Period. Got to discuss somethings with my cornermen. Nothing bad. Nobody’s getting fired, nobody’s doing f****** bad. It’s just some adjustments, it’s a new game for me, mixing it up, putting the MMA together…. It was just unfortunate, s*** happens. I wish it would have made it to the fifth round. I know what to do better next time. It f****** sucks.”