Tony Ferguson insists he won’t retire from MMA until he literally can’t do it anymore

Tony Ferguson was once hailed as a dominant force in the lightweight division with an impressive 12-bout win streak. However, things are quite different now.

Suffering his seventh consecutive loss at UFC 296, he finds himself in the company of legendary B.J. Penn. Both of them share the record for the longest losing streak in promotional history. If he loses one more time, he will be the sole owner of the longest losing streak.

In a recent appearance on the JAXXON Podcast with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Ferguson expressed unwavering confidence in his Hall of Fame status.

Despite setbacks, he remains resilient and says: “I’m already a Hall of Famer man. They already f*cking know it and you know what? I’m not retiring. Anytime I get hurt I come back with a f*cking vengeance because, like I said, you need a slap in that face to do it because the only person that’s going to do it is ourselves. Nobody is going to tell us what the f*ck to do.”

He then went on to say, “I’m gonna fight until the wheels fall off. F*ck retiring.”

Before his December bout against Paddy Pimblett, Ferguson took guidance from ex-U.S. Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner David Goggins. Their connection began when Goggins was impressed by Ferguson’s determination, and reached out to offer support.

Detailing the collaboration, Ferguson shared: “He sent me a message through my agent who sent it to me. We kept in contact. He’d send me another one once in a while. Then he finally reached out to me and he was like, ‘Tony, I want to help you.’ He has a compound in Vegas and every morning, every night, he would check in and text me.”

“He was just a guardian and it was cool as f*ck. He was like, ‘I need you to be really honest with me. I need to get in your head, Tony. We can get you there, but you’re gonna have to go through the sh*t.'”

Ferguson was eager to get started and give it his all as soon as he heard Goggins’ pitch. He embraced Goggins’ challenging regimen, recalling: “It was the craziest f*cking thing. I never knew what he was about. How intense he was. I didn’t know anything. I just showed up at his door.”