Tom Aspinall slams UFC cherry picking opponents for Jon Jones, makes the case for himself

Interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall has once again expressed his discontentment regarding the unfolding scenario within the top of the heavyweight division.

Following his victory against Sergei Pavolovich in the first round of UFC 295, Aspinall believed he would be headed straight to a unification match against undisputed heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Nevertheless, UFC CEO Dana White promptly dismissed this prospect and announced a title clash between Jones and former two-time champion Stipe Miocic. The victor of this encounter would subsequently face Aspinall to unify the two belts.

Aspinall openly criticized the UFC’s decision. But the situation seemed to shift when speculations hinted at a potential defense of his interim title against the current light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira. The two were slated to compete at UFC 300 in April.

Recent clarifications from Pereira dispelled these rumors, prompting Aspinall to once again criticize Stipe Miocic. Expressing his displeasure, Aspinall remarked on the unfairness of Miocic being set for a title match ahead of him.

Aspinall wrote on X: “Last time Stipe fought and won, GTA: San Andreas had just come out on PS2. He will fight next for the undisputed heavyweight title, ahead of me, who’s the interim champ, active and ranked #1 in the world right now. This makes me quite upset.”

Aspinall also mentioned his own achievements during the period since Miocic’s last victory in the Octagon.

He continued: “Final fun fact: Since stipe last won a fight (Aug ‘20) , I have blown my knee out, went thru the rehab process and had a year off, also had 7 UFC fights, including 4 wins vs top 10 ranked opponents and won the interim title on 2 weeks notice.”

With Jon Jones sidelined due to a pectoral muscle surgery, the timeline for the highly anticipated heavyweight match between Jones and Stipe Miocic remains uncertain. Consequently, Tom Aspinall may spend the greater part of a year on the bench. This is quite discouraging for a combatant who has just recovered from a severe knee injury that required a year of rehabilitation.