Tom Aspinall defends vulgar question to industry plant that caused massive backlash

Following his triumph at UFC 295, Tom Aspinall emerged as a pivotal figure in the realm of UK Mixed Martial Arts. But Aspinall’s recent spotlight was dimmed by controversial comments made during an interview with Nina Marie Daniele. Nonetheless, Daniele herself came forward in defense of Aspinall.

Accompanied by his father Andy Aspinall, Tom Aspinall made a notable appearance on the Fight Disciples podcast. It was hosted by BT Sports’ Nick Peet and Adam Catterall.

During this conversation, the controversy regarding Nina Marie Daniele arose which prompted Aspinall to offer an explanation.

His statement was as follows: “That’s what we spoke about off camera. She gets all these kind of mad questions, and then she asked me if I want to ask her anything. So, I thought I’d throw a weird one in that she’d asked me.”

This marked the first instance where Aspinall addressed the controversial remarks, triggering a division within the MMA community. While some perceived it as disrespectful, others defended it as an instance of misunderstood British humor.

Expressing his future aspirations during the interview, Aspinall articulated:

“That was my goal, to win the heavyweight title under any circumstances. I’ve won it, and now I just want to fight for legacy. You know, that’s why I want to fight Stipe and Jon Jones.”

It appears Aspinall’s initial objective was to secure the UFC title. Having accomplished this, he now aims for legacy-defining bouts against Jon Jones or Stipe Miocic.

The initial main event of UFC 295 was between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic, with Sergei Pavlovich serving as the backup combatant. Regretfully, Jones had an injury that required him to withdraw. It gave Tom Aspinall the chance to win the title at UFC 295 as a result.

While Jones embodies the pinnacle of MMA excellence and Miocic reigns supreme in the heavyweight division, speculations loom about their potential retirements post their bout. Such a scenario could elevate Aspinall to the undisputed champion status.