UFC interim champ clarifies Boxing diss: Boxing definitely pays better

Interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall recently caused a stir with comments about MMA being better than boxing. The UFC heavyweight contender stated that boxing cards are not as interesting and the business model is better in MMA.

Aspinall passionately conveyed his admiration for boxing. He stated: “I am a massive boxing fan. I absolutely love the sport of boxing, [but] I absolutely can’t stand the boxing model.”

“Hate it. I hate the way boxing is going at the moment because I love the sport of boxing. I love the science. I love the defensive techniques, which is amazing. I absolutely love watching actual classic, traditional boxers who are defensively brilliant – it’s my favourite thing.”

Many disagreed with Aspinall’s perspective. They said that if Aspinall were in the same position in boxing, he likely wouldn’t have the same frustrations.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Aspinall clarified his controversial remarks. He reiterated he was speaking from the perspective of an MMA fan and not a boxer, when making the original comments.

“I stand by the fact. No, I don’t like watching mismatches. Let me just say. I don’t I don’t like watching mismatches. I think it’s dangerous. I don’t like it. It’s not exciting for me to watch. But as far as the way that the boxes are getting treated, I mean, I wasn’t speaking as a boxer though. I was speaking as a fan.”

Aspinall went on to praise the big paydays boxers like Tyson Fury, who are currently earning a lot.

He continued: “Oh, they’re balling out. They’re balling out. Like, they’re playing, man. Eddie Hearn, these Saudi guys, like, for a fair play month. Like, get all the money that you can, get all the glory that you can, and then don’t do something else.”

“I love it. I certainly love that. Like when fighters are getting paid big money, that’s amazing. Francis Ngannou, look when he’s doing man. Look at what he’s doing. Like, what a guy.”

When Helwani asked Aspinall if he’d like to box for huge money, Aspinall said that he trusts that he has a big career in MMA.

Aspinall replied: “No I trust the path that I’m on. And even though it might have been a bit rocky, now it might be a bit you know things aren’t going straight in a straight line, things you know going all over the place. I trust it’s going to work out good and I’m excited about it, man. It’s very exciting times for me, for my division, for MMA. Like I love this sport and it is what I am.”

It appears the UFC heavyweight contender simply misspoke in his original assessment of boxing vs MMA. It seems like Aspinall clearly has respect for what top boxers are currently earning and accomplishing in the sport.