Tito Ortiz’s restaurant hit with five health code violations merely three months after its grand opening

In a surprising turn of events, Tito Ortiz, former UFC light heavyweight champion, is grappling with challenges of a different kind as his restaurant, Tito’s Cantina Tequila Bar and Grille in Cape Coral, becomes entangled in a web of health code violations and unfavorable reviews.

The Cape Coral establishment, owned and operated by Ortiz, encountered a major setback with the discovery of five health code violations merely three months after its grand opening. This unexpected development was reported by Borrachinha Depot on X, shedding light on three high-priority violations. Among them, a dishwashing machine was flagged for improper usage without the necessary sanitizing substances.

Moreover, the inspection revealed instances of raw animal foods improperly stored in holding units, disregarding the minimum requirement cooking temperature. Another concerning violation was the improper storage of toxic substances/chemicals in close proximity to clean plates, posing potential health hazards.

The health code infractions are not the only headache for Ortiz’s restaurant. During its opening weekend, a disgruntled patron took to Facebook to express dissatisfaction with both service and cuisine. The scathing review detailed a frustrating hour-long wait for seating, only to be greeted with paper menus instead of the anticipated online version.

The diner lamented, “They had an hour to tell us it was a different menu, a small menu, a really shitty menu, but they didn’t say a damn word to anyone of the many people waiting to get in for dinner.”

Unpleasant surprises continued with the food, as the reviewer described the “T-Mac” tacos as “AWFUL.” Comprising a smashed hamburger bun with scanty mystery meat, onion, lettuce, and copycat Big Mac sauce, the dish fell short of expectations. Additionally, issues with missing side dishes like rice and poorly received beans further added to the diner’s discontent.

The negative review concluded with a stern admonition: “I don’t care if it’s Tito Ortiz. If you can’t fill the cupboards and coolers with food and supplies, you have no business being in the restaurant business.”

This recent stumble in the culinary arena suggests that managing a restaurant might not be Ortiz’s forte, and the dual challenges of health code violations and unimpressed customers cast a shadow over his post-fighting career endeavors. As Tito Ortiz navigates these issues, the future success of Tito’s Cantina Tequila Bar and Grille hangs in the balance.