“The Simpsons” parody of Joe Rogan causes turmoil among fans

UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan made headlines after the TV show The Simpsons parodied him in one of their latest episodes.

“The Simpsons” is a longtime TV show that has been running since 1989. During the 33rd season, the cartoon tried to take on “Cancel Culture” as the main topic of one of its episodes.

In the episode titled “You Won’t Believe What This Episode is About- Act Three Will Shock You!”, Homer Simpson is “canceled” by Springfield citizens after he locked his dog in a hot car.

Later, a mysterious character described as a “right-wing” podcaster welcomes Homer to share his story when no one else is willing to do so. The character is a clear satirical take on Joe Rogan.

This resulted in many fans debating if it is right to label Rogan as a “right-wing” podcaster when a good chunk of his fanbase does not identify as conservative.

Much like Homer Simpson, Rogan has seen a barrage of attacks trying to “cancel” him lately.

The podcaster was put on the spot after an artist’s movement led by Neil Young started a boycott on Spotify for Joe Rogan’s alleged misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

Soon after, Joe Rogan was heavily criticized after a compilation of his past racist remarks was resurfaced.. He later apologized for the use of the n-word.

Spotify, the platform that hosts “The Joe Rogan Experience” has also been taking hits. The company’s shares price dropped after certain episodes of the podcast were pulled from the platform.

“The Simpsons” episode that features Rogan is one of the worst-reviewed episodes of the season.

The 33rd season of the show was initially well reviewed. But the episode about “cancel-culture” appears to be falling flat according to reviews.