The Rock Hypes Joe Rogan’s Apology: “Perfectly articulated”

While many are trying to tear down Joe Rogan and deplatform his podcast certified movie star and pro wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson is one of the rare actors who are willing to publicly support Rogan.

Rogan found himself under fire after featuring deplatformed medical doctors who had some fringe beliefs that they expressed on the podcast. This caused a number of reactions. The behemoth of a podcast reportedly averages 11,000,000 downloads per episode. But considering that Spotify shares are suffering as a result of media scrutiny – it was inevitable something would have to be done.

In response Spotify outlined the disclaimer they would be putting on Covid 19 related content – and Rogan issued a lengthy video response/apology on instagram.

Rogan denied in a video posted to Instagram on Sunday night that he promoted misinformation and said he would “try harder to get people with differing opinions on” his show and “do my best to make sure I’ve researched these topics.” You can read the entirety of his statement here.

Plenty of people applauded the decision to issue an apology – but not many recognizable names. One that certainly stood up was Dwayne The Rock Johnson.


Meanwhile political analyst Saagar Enjeti pointed out how likely it was that the movement to deplatform Rogan has more sinister intentions.

“Young actually sold his catalogue in January of 2021, to a company called Hypnosis. Now hypnosis is a $1 billion company, which recently announced ownership agreement with Blackstone, while Blackstone I know a lot about that company. You may recall their efforts that I’ve put here on the show to turn America into a nation of renter’s and take over single family housing as I covered on many monologues, but they have interests everywhere. See my interest here is perked. Blackstone, BlackRock and these big private equity giants are ruthless in their pursuit of profit. And they’re savvy political players who know how to play the game. They have all sorts of ties to the pharmaceutical industry, including as I just showed you, announcing the CEO of Pfizer joining them as a senior advisor. “