The Anti-Hakimi: UFC flyweight who blasted wife for the affair splits assets despite never having legally married

Earlier this week, UFC flyweight Tim Elliott made a stunning revelation on social media, accusing his teammate and friend Kevin Croom of having an affair with his wife, Gina Mazany.

In a now-deleted tweet, Elliott shared the painful news, leaving fans and the MMA community in disbelief.

Tim Elliott, Kevin Croom and Mazany were all in the UFC at one point in the past and the trio has trained together for years. Croom has since signed with BKFC and Mazany competes at local LFA hoping to make a UFC return.

In the tweet, Elliott expressed his disbelief and hurt, revealing that Croom and Mazany had allegedly been involved in a relationship throughout their entire marriage.

He even claimed that they were unfaithful on their wedding night.

Speaking on Pub Sports Radio, Elliott further elaborated on the situation, sharing his side of the story. He described the heartbreaking ordeal, emphasizing the financial consequences it had on him.

Elliott explained that he had put their Las Vegas Airbnb under Mazany’s name, which she received as part of their separation.

Additionally, he had given her half of their savings. Surprisingly, Elliott discovered that they were never legally married because Mazany had not completed the necessary paperwork for their marriage. It was only during the divorce proceedings that he realized this.

“I mean it was heartbreaking, and it cost me a lot of money. I put my Vegas airbnb under her name, so she got that. I gave her half of my savings. But technically, we were never married because she just didn’t fill out any of the paperwork, we just had a wedding. I didn’t even know we weren’t married until we had to get a divorce.”

This is in contrast to the news that recently went viral, regarding the divorce of soccer player Hakimi.

Hakimi’s wife (Abouk) discovered that Hakimi’s entire fortune is in his mother’s name, significantly impacting the terms of any potential divorce settlement.

Abouk’s legal team is demanding 10 million euros, while Hakimi is offering only two million euros.

Abouk has decided to file a lawsuit against her ex-husband, accusing him of fraud and mismanagement of their marital assets.

Hakimi’s mother denied knowledge of the transfer of her son’s fortune, suggesting that any protective actions taken by him were unknown to her. She expresses indifference towards Abouk, stating that her son should not hesitate to protect himself from her.

Despite the personal turmoil, Tim Elliott remains determined to continue his career. He is set to enter the octagon once again on June 3, as he faces Victor Altamirano at UFC: Kara-France vs Albazi.

Elliott, with an 18-12 record, is known for his resilience and has competed against some of the toughest flyweights. His recent victory against Tagir Ulanbekov showcased own moral quandries.

Gina Mazany, who is at the center of this controversy, is also an accomplished MMA star with an 8-6 record in professional mixed martial arts. She has previously competed in the UFC, demonstrating her talent and determination inside the cage.

Predictably, she got trolled in the fall out from the revelations.

While her personal life has become the subject of public scrutiny, Mazany’s professional career should not be overshadowed. She has dedicated herself to the sport, honing her skills and striving for success. It will be interesting to see how she handles the aftermath of these allegations and continues her journey in the world of MMA.