UFC flyweight accuses former UFC star Wife of cheating with training partner

UFC flyweight Tim Elliott recently made headlines with an emotional social media post accusing his wife and former UFC bantamweight Gina Mazany of cheating on him with his teammate and training partner Kevin Croom. The couple, who had been together for years, got engaged in July 2020.


Training at the Glory MMA and Fitness Gym alongside Croom and under the guidance of coach James Krause, the trio spent a significant amount of time together. However, Croom was released from the UFC in May 2022, having competed as a bantamweight contender for two years.

Croom was cut from the UFC and moved on to BKFC. Mazany was cut from UFC sometime late last year and has since returned to LFA.

Kevin Croom, Gina Mazany and Elliott together
Kevin Croom, Gina Mazany and Elliott together

In a recent Twitter post, Elliott shared a photo of his wedding day, showing Mazany reading vows to his daughter while Croom held the microphone. In the caption, Elliott accused his wife of cheating on him with Croom on the same night and throughout their entire marriage.

Despite this personal turmoil, Elliott has continued to build his career in the UFC. The 36-year-old American, currently ranked No.11 in the flyweight division, won TUF in 2016 and is scheduled to face Victor Altamirano at UFC on ESPN 46 on June 3.

Reactions to Elliott’s accusation have been varied, with many fans and fellow UFC stars expressing sympathy and offering words of encouragement. Some, however, have criticized Elliott for making the matter public and involving his daughter in the situation.

Regardless of public opinion, Elliott’s personal life is undoubtedly a difficult and emotional issue that he must navigate while maintaining his career as a professional mixed martial artist.

Kevin Croom had his own way of reacting to the drama.

Mazany and Croom would often spar each other and she has even describe him as a bestie in a clip of them sparring.

As a professional athlete, it is important to maintain a certain level of professionalism and integrity both inside and outside the sporting arena. Airing personal grievances in a public space can potentially harm one’s reputation and can negatively impact their career. In this case, all three of them are public personalities.

Croom and Mazany a while back

While it is understandable that athletes may face personal challenges and difficulties, publicly posting about them may not be the best approach to resolving those issues. It can be viewed as unprofessional and may lead to public scrutiny and criticism.

"We partied HARD today 🎉 thank yoooou @kevincroom_ufc" - Mazany captioned this photo
“We partied HARD today 🎉 thank yoooou @kevincroom_ufc” – Mazany captioned this photo

In addition, social media is a powerful tool that can be used for both positive and negative purposes. As a professional athlete, it is important to use social media responsibly and in a manner that does not harm oneself or others.

Overall, it is recommended for professional athletes to exercise discretion and think carefully before sharing personal grievances in a public space. They should consider alternative ways to address their concerns, such as speaking with a trusted friend or seeking professional help.