Tai Tuivasa Calls Out Worst Self Defense Teacher Of All Time: “I Just Want To Fight The Guy”

Tai Tuivasa became infamous for his sickening post fight celebration ritual. Tuivasa is a fan of the ‘shoey’ celebration.
‘Shoey’ originated in Australia and first ocurred in the octagon after Tuivasa defeated Cyril Asker – Tuivasa then drank beer from a shoe. This celebration has previously been a staple of Daniel Ricciardo of Formula One.

But times sure have changed since this celebration first occurred. Tuivasa seems to be both a skilled fighter and seems to have a rock solid stomach.

However there is one thing that unsettles him – viral sensation of Detroit Urban Survival Training – Commander Dale Brown. In spite of Tuivasa doing 3 celebratory shoeys in 2021 – Dale Brown still takes the cake for him.

Tuivasa wrote:
“Everyone wants to fight @jakepaul but I wanna fight this gammon c*nt !!! @danawhite set it up unk yellah ”

“He’s the guy that does all this bloody videos.” Tuivasa said on ‘The MMA Hour‘. “I don’t even know his name. I just wanna fight the guy. He’s makes me angry.”

“The guy that makes people go in circles when they’re attacking him. Yes, him. I wanna fight him.”

“I don’t know.” Tuivasa added. “I just want to see if I can shoot him or if I can fight him properly. I don’t know if you can make me turn it circles. I don’t know. I just want to see real, let the people know the truth. I’ll take the cop all day.”

Tuivasa might not be off key here – recently a student managed to stun Dale Brown, shoot him in a demo and subsequently caused plenty of controversy.