Strickland Credits Costa For His “Deluded, Demented Mind”

When it comes to uttering “offensive s**t,” UFC middleweight Sean Strickland feels he’s found his equal in fellow contender Paulo Costa.

Strickland’s outspoken nature has increased after reaching the top at 185 pounds.
From a disagreement with Jan Blachowicz over the Russian invasion of Ukraine to strange statements about an apparent urge to kill, Strickland hasn’t shied away from speaking his mind and tantalizing the fans.

On the other hand, Costa is starting to follow a similar route. Before a failed 2020 championship shot, Costa had a reputation as a vicious knockout artist. However, he’s now created a social media presence that has proven just as contentious as Strickland’s.

Strickland evaluated Costa during a recent interview with Helen Yee. While insisting that he’d have his hand raised against Costa in the Octagon, Strickland seemed to imply that Costa’s “demented” mentality is worse than his.

“You know, I’m actually a big fan of Costa. He might be a borderline — he might be a little retarded, I’ll give him that, but I actually like (him),” added Strickland.

“I’ve never met a man who says more offensive sh*t than me. So, Paulo, I’d beat you in a fight, but as far as your f*cking deluded, demented mind, I’m a fan of it.”

These are of course empty promises because Costa did try to face Strickland previously and was unable to book a return against him – Strickland went and booked a match up with Adesanya’s kickboxing foe Alex Pereira.

Costa’s increased social media presence has mostly revolved around the usage of memes, prompting him to hold a $2,000 meme tournament.

However, his recent posts have been about his alleged attack on a nurse in his homeland. Costa was claimed to have elbowed a doctor while seeking a COVID-19 immunization card last week.

Costa did post a serious video addressing the claims. He denied beating the nurse and promised legal action. However, he also used references from ‘Better Call Saul’ and Jorge Masvidal’s own legal difficulties to make fun of the matter on Twitter.