Streamer outraged after Island Boys kick girlfriend in head during scuffle

Jack Doherty is a Kick streamer renowned for his controversial content. He recently found himself at the center of a heated confrontation with the Island Boys.

The incident took a surprising turn when one of the Island Boys kicked Doherty’s girlfriend in the head during a close-quarters scuffle inside a luxurious vehicle.

Known for his controversial behavior and divisive content, Jack Doherty has carved a niche for himself as a prominent social media personality. Over the past year, he has surprised audiences with acts like speeding in his luxury sports car, mocking a police officer, engaging in scuffles with fellow creators, and ‘pranking’ unsuspecting strangers in public.

Doherty’s ongoing feud with rap duo the Island Boys reached a boiling point on February 20 during a live stream on Kick. The trio found themselves in a heated argument within what seemed to be a lavish RV. Tensions escalated into a physical altercation.

In the midst of the scuffle, one of the Island Boys lashed out with his feet. He ended up kicking Doherty’s girlfriend Mckinley Richardson in the head.

Richardson put out a few surprised screams, which infuriated Doherty.

He shouted: “Yo watch the f*ck out, there’s a girl in the car you f*cking dumba**! There’s a girl! You’re kicking her! You’re kicking my f*cking girlfriend, you b*tch!”

After the incident, Doherty took to Twitter/X to share his perspective. He posted a slow-motion clip of the altercation.

He captioned the video: “Island Boys tried to SUCKER PUNCH me while I was on my phone and I still blocked it. Then he started kicking like a little girl and kicked my girlfriend in the head multiple times, so I STOOD ON BUSINESS.”

As of the time of writing, Richardson herself has not commented on the incident. However, she did repost a clip of the scuffle on her Twitter/X page.