Snoop Dogg hails Jake and Logan Paul after winning huge bets on Jake’s boxing bouts

Snoop Dogg, the rap icon, has expressed his “love” for Jake and Logan Paul after confessing to winning a large sum of money betting on their boxing matches.

Since taking up boxing, the YouTubers have received some backlash.

Snoop Dogg, who previously hosted Jake’s two Triller bouts, is one of their biggest fans.

Jake has won four of his five professional bouts via KO. Logan’s lone fight was a split decision loss against KSI, a British YouTuber.

Snoop said on the Impaulsive show to Logan, “You know I f*** with your bro, man.”

“I’ve been betting on him, I’ve been rocking with him, you understand me? I been going against the grain, f***ing with Jake, you hear me?”

“F*** y’all! I’m with my nephew! I’ve got his gloves in my room right now, sure enough.”

“I’m with him, so you know I’m betting on him [in his next fight].”

Snoop Dogg responded, “I love me some Paul brothers,” to Logan’s joking that his younger brother had undoubtedly earned him a substantial sum of money.

On the other hand, Snoop Dogg recently proved he has no understanding of how payment works in the world of MMA. He was quoted saying:

“Imagine when these, for example, try UFC fighters. Someone who wins on the Contender and he gets a contract for 3 fights and then he gets another 3 fights and now he’s got $20-30 million and then two years later he has 0. Because he didn’t know how to position it ”

Meanwhile starter contracts in the UFC are something along the lines of $10,000 to show $10,000 to win.

Silva and Tommy Fury are two of the frontrunners to fight Jake Paul next. Jake recently teased a future battle with UFC icon Anderson “The Spider” Silva by posting a “pest control” photo of himself on Instagram.

Also, Jake Paul just confirmed that he would fight for the sixth time in his professional career on August 13.