Slovakia set to introduce MMA classes in elementary schools

Recently, the Slovakian Mixed Martial Arts Association (SZMMA) campaigned for having MMA offered as a physical education course in the nation’s schools.

The news comes after the SZMMA made major efforts to provide students with MMA participation chances via an initiative called Modules. This project was organized by the nation’s Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport.

The project’s main goal is to provide kids access to a wide range of engaging extracurricular activities. As a result, schools will be able to include combat sports in their physical education curriculum.

According to a report on the IMMAF website, certain Slovakian institutions have already shown interest in the courses. SZMAA President Marek Herda provided some information on the organization’s initiatives.

“Overall, it was a very difficult process as it was a gradual change of opinion on MMA. Bringing MMA into a school sport is difficult overall… However, we are very happy that we were given this project and thus were able to develop MMA and grappling sports on a national level. I hope this will help us in the development of our league (MAMMAL) and bring enough new talent but ultimately bring us a healthier society.”

As the sport develops, youth MMA is becoming more popular in many nations. Herda is hoping that by providing combat sports programs, Slovakian children and schools would benefit.

“Once established in a school setting, MMA can have several positive impacts on the landscape. For example, it can help increase the physical fitness and health of children and youth, which can lead to a lower incidence of overweight and obesity-related diseases. It can also help develop important social and emotional skills such as teamwork and overcoming obstacles.”

“In addition, MMA sports can provide an opportunity for children and youth from diverse social and economic backgrounds to play and train together, which can help reduce social and economic disparities.”

Slovakia has produced a number of well-known MMA pros throughout the years. As the first Slovakian in UFC history, Ľudovít Klein made history in 2020. He was joined by Martin Buday when the heavyweight acquired a contract with the organization on Contender Series 2021.

Oktagon MMA is the biggest MMA promotion in the nation. The promotion has made a name for itself as a prominent participant in the European MMA scene and has already planned a number of events for the first half of 2023.